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Lyreco is a worldwide distributor of office supplies and workplace products, founded in 1926 by Georges-Gaston Gaspard in the Valenciennes area of France. The company focused its development on the French territory during the 1970s. The Lyreco Group structure is now active in 42 countries on four continents. The current slogan of Lyreco is "Simplifying Your Life at Work".

Lyreco has a toxic working environment, poor management a low salary, a current employee shared a review at

"I have been working at Lyreco full-time for more than a year. Poor management, unachievable targets, untrusting, old school, frustrating and old tech/software, don't get paid enough for what you do."


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Sales Executive (Former Employee) says

"Unachievable targets set..old school micro managed every step.. long hours.. no recognition or reward..head office generally helpful. Constantly changing commission structure making it harder each time to achieve target. Would’nt work here again!"

Sales Executive (Former Employee) says

"Do not give a job up to work there, they are good sales people and will make it sound as though you will earn alot if commision, you won't. Long hours, unreasonable expectations, no work life balance and very high turn over of staff..Don't do it ...PLEASE!!"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"The company works you to hard and does not pay you for what you have to do you can ask Them for more money and they just turn a deaf ear to that .the company think of them self first and do not care about the worker's"

Warehouse Operative (Current Employee) says

"Immoral company. operate like a cartel at Head Office. Senior staff lie and encourage lies to be told. treat people like dirt. Good Job terrible people in charge"

Zusteller (Former Employee) says

"Ganz mieser Chef bei einer von den Sub Unternehmern in Gelsenkirchen. Arrogant, Korrupt, Betrüger,Lügner uswgibt es nichtviele"

Field Sales Representative Lyreco (Former Employee) says

"If you want bullied for doing a good days hard work go work for Lyreco. You have to put a lot of hours in not getting paid for it. Don't expect HR to help you Bulling is the policy throughout the company. Some ASM can be won over if you flirt with them if you want to lower yourself to that standard. They think nothing of infusing into your weekend to go to meetings on a Monday morning. Wouldn't recommend working for this companyNoneLong hours"

Mid Market Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"What a shocking company. I joined with the promise of advancement and Award winning training. None of this is possible with the inept management that run the sales area. I had a manager that new lass than me. A head of division that didn't know how to use linked in. When I asked for support on appointments my manage always canceled last minute, The process to get prices is so long winded that your customer looses interest. There are better companies and better places to work. AVOIDNoneEverything"

Multi Drop Driver (Former Employee) says

"has got to be the worst job I have ever had in my time of driving.. paid 8 hours a day, expected to work 10..wanted to lay the manager out every time I seen him, so rude to drivers,put more drops on your round, and knowing you would be back late, no days of in leudont have to see hitler no morewanted to drop the manager"

Multi-Drop Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"encourages employees to break the law,pays 8hrs per day 6.30-1430 impossible to have a proper dinner break, and never getting back for 14.30 so you are working for of merchants.nothingconstant stress"

Team leader (Former Employee) says

"Please do not apply to work here. It is a badly managed,thrown together,thoughtless company. After many years working here I was cast aside like a used condom in a teenagers bedroom.NoneLong hours. Regularly made to break the law"

Commercial (Current Employee) says

"Plus de 6 ans en tant que commercial - bien que passionné par mon métier je dois pourtant émettre un avis très négatif sur Lyreco. La maîtrise de leur masse salariale passe par l'ajustement constant d'un prix d'achat fictif qui détermine notre variable avec un objectif : limiter au Max votre variable. La considération des besoins et outils pour travailler dans de bonnes conditions est inexistante - le CE ET LE CHSCT se font éjecter à la moindre protestation. Si vous avez 1 an à perdre allez y- le turnover est très élevé. Lyreco se paysanne derrière l'achat d'une marque employeur TOP EMPLOYEUR qui n'a aucun fondement car valide systématiquement après un chèque... Journée de travail sans fin ou il n'y a plus aucun équilibre vue privée / vie prof. Lyreco est une boîte archaïque qui met en avant des outils de travail obsolète - des pensée arrieristes - de la discrimination au travail - la santé au travail sur une pente dangereuse - Cette boîte est à fuir ! si vous pensiez que les pires c'est de bosser dans les alarmes ou wurth ou toute boîte pourri en one bien non Lyreco c'est une catastrophe pour un commercial !ne vous laissez pas prendre par leur discours, parlez leur en entretien du HORS FPACE A FACE - TRAVAIL ADMIN - TEXTO POUR PRESSION SUR C.A - marge fictive inaccessible- turnoverAucunTout"

Inside Sales Executive (Former Employee) says

"Management are childish and pathetic. It's hard to have respect for them. The lack of good management makes them behave in a manner which is condescending and rude to get there point across. Bonus is capped and always being reduced each year. No focus on the accounts or customer relationship or sales training. Only focus on high volume poor quality. Bbbproformance"

Fse (Former Employee) says

"Start of interested and helping you than fill you with lies, targets hard to hit, managers no help at all and want you to work 24/7. Line managers try to bully and if you stand up call you in for review meetings. Always putting prices up without letting customers know. stay clear backwards company"

Conseillère commerciale (Former Employee) says

"Pas de respect pour les salariés pas d'evolution en interne pas de reconnaissance la direction est perdu dans ses decisions et passe du temps a des choses inutile une fois qu on intègre le service clients on y est bloqué impossible de changer de service j y ai travaillé 5 ans et je suis bien contente d en etre partie... sans parler du stress et des heures supplémentaires a gogo."

Marketing Admin (Former Employee) says

"A typical day for me and most people here in recent times has been one of stress and lots of bullying by management within, mental bullying within the Marketing Department where I worked was common place, personal concerns on ability are ignored, if you are off with stress they use it against the person concerned because they did this too me, the company does not understand how to help people with stress and dismissing is their easy way out. I was the 5th or 6th person to be bullied by the team leader in Specials resulting in stress and anxiety but this person is still there. I was dismissed by this company in 2012 as a result of stress. Not a place I would recommend to my worst enemy.see above"

Livreur (Former Employee) says

"Déception totale, entreprise stressante ou il y a beaucoup de trop de points de livraison, entre 30 à 50, en sachant que pour une livraison il peut y avoir 1 colis comme 20 colis de 5kg!!!! J'en suis tout retourné aujourd'hui encore j'ai du mal à m'en remettre, j'ai bcp de difficultés à marcher, mon médecin m'a mis sous tramadol et sous anxiolitiques, j'en dors plus la nuit..Le téléphoneTous"

Commercial terrain (Former Employee) says

"Belle entreprise il y a quelques années, mais qui n'a pas su prendre le tournant du tout numérique. Beaucoup de potentiel, mais trop de dirigeants non compétents qui profitent de leur siège, sans en avoir les compétences requises à l'ère du digital. Dommage car la logistique et le service client sont top!CePas de 13ème mois"

Autista (Former Employee) says

"Molto faticoso bancali di risme di carta a3 fino al 4 piano a piedi senza ascensore, ho visto colleghi mettere il Busto a 20 anni, clienti esigenti che ti dicevano dove e come mettere la roba nei loro uffici. Giornata di lavoro :allle 5 in magazzino a sbancalare carta e altra cancelleria dividerla caricarla sul furgone e partire poi più di 20 consegne da fare. Le multe vengono scalate dallo stipendioBuoni pastoTi spezzi la schiena"

Territory Sales Executive (Former Employee) says

"There are lots of reviews you should read before joining this company. You will be expected to cold call and open new biz accounts all the time. Pester customers for more sales. The managers will hound you and front up on your area or in your driveway. My old team if 9 have all left. Good to use them for CV stability then leave them after 2 years and go to something better as in one of the suppliers Bic or Canon etc. That said, if there is a vacancy there and you get through the interview process. Do NOT add your manager on your Facebook or LinkedIn. Be smart. They will soon have you on a disciplinary if the results are not there. They will say it's to support you but wake up folks a DP or PIP perf improve plan is often the end of the road or the start of it.None.Many."

Business Development Manager (Former Employee) says

"Unrealistic market expectations on growth and a pitiful technology offering. Pressure on staff to sell to customer where no procurement buying contracts are in place"

Sinclair d'albuquerque - Dining Ventures Ltd says

"I suggest you look at the poor reviews for Lyreco and the large number of excellent, positive reviews at Viking Direct before buying ANYTHING from this terrible company - Whilst we were closed due to COVID - 19 (Restaurant), Lyreco sent a bill and then 2 weeks later passed it to their debt collection agency incurring a £35 charge. The business was closed and no unnecessary travel order by the government so only visited when i absolutely had to in order to make sure the building was ok. I have paid this as I can not be bothered with the hassle however I am appalled that in the current unprecedented climate, this greedy company have thought that this was an appropriate action. I WILL NEVER USE LYRECO AGAIN, THERE ARE PLENTY OF OTHER COMPANIES TO CHOOSE FROM!"

Jamoula says

"One of their drivers cut me up in a very dangerous way twice in a matter of minutes- I did get his car reg. If they behave like that on the roads to complete strangers it can't be good for their image."

William says

"We're not really happy with this company. We are a charity so have to watch our pennies and they over charged us by £85. We proved they were wrong but refused to pay us the money back. We've now moved on to Amazon for our office supplies."

kim says

"our office ordered with you as changing suppliers, fast order and cheap prices compared to other companys, but i think the quality is not as good as others will be using again but do not recommend the budget products"

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